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About WikkedWire

Posted by William

WikkedWire was started on October 31st, 2003, after a split from another network.

WikkedWire is part of "Wikked Networks" which includes this website (, The IRC Network (, (Our Java Chat Generator), and (Quick Java Chat Applet). WikkedWire and it's affiliates are a non-profit community exclusively staffed by volunteers. If you would like to help and you are at least familiar with basic IRC commands, you can go to the Helper Page.

WikkedWire is a privately owned and operated chat community operated by a group of individuals who are dedicated to providing a pleasant chat environment for people from all walks of life. All services are provided to you completely free of charge. Our friendly and helpful staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*. We're happy to assist you in registering your nickname, setting up your channel, answering any of your questions or helping you solve any problems you may encounter. Click here to view our current staff.

If no one is in the #help room, try asking on our "Forums" OR "Contact" links to the right

*Due to timezone conflicts, some helpers may not be available during the early morning in their timezone as they also have jobs and are not able to be in the help room at the same time. Help is not guaranteed if no helpers are available, but if you leave your question someone will respond to you as soon as possible! You should register your nickname so a staff member can get back to you. Click "Services" at the top then "NickServ" for help on registering.

WikkedWire believes in a free-speech philosophy where you control your own room and can say whatever you wish in it. There are limits to this, however, as harassment, racism, and spam are not tolerated. You are expected to follow our rules/guidelines by viewing our Rules page.

*** Please see our Privacy page for more information about your privacy on the WikkedWire IRC Network.

What clients do we support?

mIRC, pIRCh, Klient, BitchX, DreamCast, PC Games like Unreal Tournament, ChatZilla (FireFox Addon), CGI:IRC, WebTV and any IRC capable client including java chat!

What languages do we support?

Our help channel only speaks primarily English and some Dutch*,
but our services support the following languages:

1) English *Default language
2) Français (French)
3) Deutsch (German)
4) Italiano (Italian)
5) Português (Portuguese)
6) Español (Spanish)
7) Türkçe (Turkish)
8) Catala (Catalan)
9) ÅëëçíéêÜ (Greek)
10) Nederlands (Dutch)
11) Ðóññêèé (Russian)
12) Magyar (Hungarian)
13) Polski (Polish)

(*Only a few helpers speak Dutch!)

To use a different language than the default (English), use this command on a registered nickname:
/msg nickserv set language NUM

(Where NUM is one of the above numbers!)

For help registering your nickname, please click our Java chat on the right menu and ask in our #Help room!

* Special thanks to for our website's main logo.

* All website updates done by William ; Errors and Typos should be reported via the Contact link on the right menu.