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Wikkedwire and Anonymity

07 Mar 2012
Posted by admin

The following is WikkedWire's view on Anonymity.

WikkedWire respects each individual's right to privacy and anonymity. WikkedWire provides basic cloaking options on the IRC network to ensure no one (beyond IRCops) can see your actual host-name/IP Address. (Please note: If you attempt or accept a DCC request, your host-name/IP WILL be shown to the other person.)

WikkedWire allows each individual the right to use their own Virtual Host ("vhost") while connected to the IRC network. This includes, but is not limited to: vhosts provided by WikkedWire (For Trivia wins, Channel ownership, etc.), vhosts provided by shell providers (as long as they follow our rules and are not obscene), personal vhosts ran by the individual (same rules), secure proxies (proxies that require a login/pass and the user is authorized to use), and other legal vhosts.

WikkedWire does NOT tolerate obscene, IRCop related, harassment related, or otherwise illegal vhosts from any individual. Open proxies and TOR clients are prohibited.

For all other rules, please see our rules page.

Thank you for your co-operation.