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Happy New Year 2017

31 Dec 2016
Posted by admin

Happy New Year from all of us at WikkedWire! Have a safe and joyous evening and a prosperous and healthy 2017!

new website look

12 Aug 2015
Posted by admin

I finally changed the website over to the layout that I've been personally using for the last few years.

Questions or comments can be sent via the "Contact" link on the right menu.

Server upgrades

13 Apr 2013
Posted by admin

It's that time again! We will start server upgrades with chatgeek* starting this Thursday (April 18th) sometime in the late evening. The upgrades on chatgeek* include both server upgrades (more HDD space and RAM) and software (Updated IRC software). Then perhaps the other servers will be upgraded the weekend after that. Thanks!

happy new year!

06 Jan 2013
Posted by admin

Hope everyone had a great holiday break! We will be updating our server's software soon, so look for another posting for a schedule. Thanks!

Happy Holidays

20 Dec 2012
Posted by admin

Happy Holidays from the WikkedWire Staff!

Posted by admin

We are losing our UK server due to the ISP it is on shutting down. We'll let you know if/when we get another UK server. Thank you.

Anonymous abuse

16 Aug 2012
Posted by admin

Please note: We will not tolerate abuse from anonymous services such as TOR (should be mostly blocked already) or Hotspot Shield. If more abuse occurs from any anonymous source, we WILL dedicate our resources to blocking said source. Thanks and have a nice day! :)

ipv6 support...

23 Apr 2012
Posted by admin

IPv6 is now supported! Use 6660-6669 (or +6697 / 5559 for SSL) or for UK server.

Posted by admin

The following is WikkedWire's view on Anonymity.

WikkedWire respects each individual's right to privacy and anonymity. WikkedWire provides basic cloaking options on the IRC network to ensure no one (beyond IRCops) can see your actual host-name/IP Address. (Please note: If you attempt or accept a DCC request, your host-name/IP WILL be shown to the other person.)

Posted by admin

Going to start upgrading servers starting Thursday morning... continuing Saturday morning and finishing Sunday morning.