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Posted by William

Got mIRC, pIRCH, or BitchX and want to connect to our network with your own

Normal IRC ports we use are 6660-6667
SSL users use +6697 (or +5559)
Mibbit users must connect to
ipv6 - (using any of the ports above)
(or for UK users: !

Add this to your client's server list (We should be in mIRC's already!):

Description: WikkedWire
Ports: 6660-6667
Group: WikkedWire
Password: (none)

...or if you already have mIRC configured, simply click here:

What's mIRC?
Get mIRC via

Want a quick way to chat without downloading* anything?

Click one of the following on for alternate ways to connect: Mibbit SSL Chat, PJIRC Applet, or CGI IRC/MSNTV!

Also visit us on:

* You may need to download the Java platform, unless already installed