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#Help Room Rules & Guidelines

Posted by William

Welcome to the official website of #help on the WikkedWire IRC Network. This is the only place to get assistance with network help on the network.

This information includes but is not limited to: channel assistance* and registration, nickname registration, basic irc help, basic mIRC client help, help using other services on our network (including but not limited to: wolfgame, trivia, uno, our website, etc.).

*Channel assistance does not mean we help you run your channel, we only help resolve problems with channel registration and ChanServ usage.

However, we do not deal with channel issues unless they violate our rules. General channel issues should be taken up with that channel's owner or high ops. We also do not help with the following: torrents, channel's websites, games not hosted by the network.

We do not tell you how to run your channel unless your channel's contents specifically violate our rules. Illegal content is not allowed (including but not limited to: warez transfer, ddosing channels or channels to co-ordinate attacks, mass clones (over 3), hardcore or obscene material (beastiality, etc.), or anything staff deems illegal.

The following symbols specify the currently active helpers. These helpers are strictly volunteer and receive no monetary gain for their dedication in helping the users of this network.

Ops (designated by an @ in front of their nickname) - Primarily help with network issues including but not limited to: kills, akills, severe channel problems (takeovers, etc.) and more.

Halfops (designated by an % in front of their nickname) - Primarily help with channel registrations, nickname registrations, and general help.

Please keep help clean for all users as we help a wide variety of people from 10 years old and up. This includes: no curses, no slang, no racist remarks, no mp3s, no color scripts, no warez chat, no links to obscene sites or 'shock sites', no illegal talk (hacking, cracking, etc.).

// DOs and DONT's of #Help //


  • DO respect all staff members: Any ops (@), Halfops (%), or Voices (+)
  • DO respect fellow peers waiting for help. Don't interrupt someone getting or giving help.
  • DO use polite language. We are a clean network.
  • DO be patient as we are volunteer and usually are sleeping during the after hours. (1am-9am) - If someone has {A} or AWAY in their nickname, they're not available!
  • DO ask your question and include examples where possible. If reporting someone, include timestamped logs (Do not paste them into the channel or PM unless asked!)
  • DO report all illegal activity promptly (ask an Admin if severe).
  • DO try to use English wherever possible as 90% of our staff speak English primarily.


  • DON'T ask questions about particular rooms: We do not help with VHR,VP, MOTAS, etc.
  • DON'T ask questions about movie or music downloads, If you don't pay for it, it is illegal!
  • DON'T use scripts: mp3 players, color or popups, flood/takeover scripts.
  • DON'T use cursing, lewd remarks, slang, racist talk, cracker/hacker talk. ("l337" speak)
  • DON'T use scripts to aid in or attempt any takeovers or attempt to gain access to the channel.
  • DON'T paste serials, cracks, or any other illegal files/links.
  • DON'T paste links to shock sites, illegal sites, pornography, or anything not clean.

*** Just a sidenote: Since this network is privately owned, and is non-profit, we can take any action we deem appropriate to maintain stability and a clean network including kills, network bans, etc. ***