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Helper Program

Posted by William

Helpers are the core of the our network. To see our current list of helpers, please see our staff page.

The WikkedWire IRC Network does not just accept anyone for IRC Operator status, you must earn it by being accepted and going through our four stages:

Stage 1. Trainee - When accepted, you idle in our help room and answer all questions to which you know. User starts studying all the services commands via /msg chanserv help, /msg nickserv help, /msg memoserv help, /msg botserv help. We will be monitoring your progress.

PERKS: You get the trainee virtual host ( (#help status: +v - voice)

Stage 2. Helper - You know a majority of our commands and provide assistance on a regular basis. You will be quizzed occasionally by various staff members and be required to attend classes.

PERKS: You get the helper virtual host ( (#help status: +h - halfop)

Stage 3. Help Operator (Advanced Helper) - You're recognized as a full-time helper. You represent #help in all questions you answer so only answer if know the correct answer. You will still be required to attend classes.

PERKS: You get the helper virtual host (  (#help status: +o - op)

Stage 4. IRC Operator - You get the IRC Operator virtual host and all of the normal IRC Operator privileges and rules (You still must help people - it's not a free ride once you reach this level).

PERKS: You get the IRCop virtual host (  (#help status: +o - op)

Then as the user's status progresses, they may eventually become Server Administrators (who oversee all IRC Operators and basic network functions) and/or Network Administrators (who oversee all server admins, IRC Operators, and all network decisions).

We are NOT currently seeking new helpers or staff members. When a position is available, it will be posted on the staff page at the top.

There are no scheduled helper/oper training classes.

Please study up on all services commands (via /msg *serv help) and basic
IRCd modes/functions. (See IRC Commands on the right) to practice for the
next class.