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Posted by William

Network Games

(under construction...)
Click on a game name below to view details available for that game.

#IdleRPG - A game in which you get points for just idling. Penalties for everything else!

#Trivia - Our trivia channel. Various questions from entertainment, history, and more!

#UNO - Our very own UNO game.

#WolfGame - A highly popular game in which you have to find out which player is the werewolf before it's too late...

Network Services

Click on a service name below to view the public commands available for that service.
(This is similar to doing /msg *serv help on IRC)

ChanServ - For help on registering and maintaining channels (chatrooms)

NickServ - For help on registering and maintaining nicknames (nicks)

BotServ - For help on getting your own bot to ease the burden of channel control (service bots)

MemoServ - For help on sending private messages to other registered nicknames (memos)

HostServ - For help on acquiring virtual hostnames (vHosts)

WikkedWire - Our global notice bot. This bot has no access. It's only used to send messages to every user on the network.

Important Info

  • Please remember to IDENTIFY via NickServ at least once every 30 days to prevent your nickname from expiring. /msg nickserv identify password
  • WikkedWire will never ask for your password or other personally identifying info, except for email addresses in circumstances regarding nickname/channel ownership.
  • In the event of netsplits, services interruptions, or other such downtime, please type out the service bot's full hostname when issuing commands as to prevent services impersonation. (IE: use /msg instead of /nickserv or /ns)
  • If unsure, ALWAYS perform a /WHOIS on the service bot to make sure it's a real network service. You will see at least the following:

    NickServ is services * Nickname Server
    NickServ is a Network Service
    nickserv End of /WHOIS list.

    (NOTE: The other bots have a similar /WHOIS, except the last part "Nickname Server" is different. Click on a service name above to see it's /WHOIS)