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#Trivia gives the users a chance to compete and answer trivia questions.

  • Playing
  • If the trivia bot is not running, type !trivia to start the game. You have approximately 45 seconds to answer each question. If you need a hint, type !hint to get one, and !!hint to get a second hint. The first person to give the correct answer wins. Each correct answer gets you 1 point.

    If the trivia bot is not working or is not in the channel, go to #help and ask one of the IrcOps for help.

  • The Rules
  • - Guess at least twice before using !hint or !!hint
    - Users with more than 100 wins will be opped in #trivia
    - Please do not spam guesses

  • Commands
  • !trivia Starts a new Trvia game
    !hint Displays a first hint
    !!hint Displays a second hint
    !repeat Repeats the current question
    !won Shows your current score