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Posted by NoKreeForMe

#Uno brings the popular game onto IRC for all to enjoy! Below is some helpful information about the game and its commands.

Here are the basics:

  • Joining
  • Type !uno to start a new round. Players type join to join the game. The UNO bot will send you your cards and then the round will begin. Scores are added up at the end of the round and the winner will be declared.

  • Playing
  • You may only play on the current card a card of the same color or number. For the Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two cards, the color must match. Wilds and Wild Draw Fours may be played at any time and the player can change the color by typing color red, for example. The winner is the one who gets rid of all of their cards first. If you cannot play a card, you must draw, and if you still can't play, you must pass.

  • The Rules
  • - Do not hang up the game by not playing or not passing.
    - Users with more than 100 wins will be opped in #uno
    - Spamming uno in other rooms will result in a ban from the game.

  • Commands
  • !uno Starts a new Uno game
    Play Plays a card. Use the color and number/word to play.
    e.g. play y 2 (Play Yellow Two), play r d t (Play Red Draw Two)
    Draw Draws a card
    Pass Passes your turn. You must draw first.
    Color Assigns a color after a wild is played. Specify the color after the command.
    Card Shows the current card.
    Turn Shows which player's turn it is currently.
    Count Shows all players' card counts
    !unowon Tells you how many games you have won.