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Posted by William

Hey! So you need some more info on the Wolf Game?

Here are the basics:

  • Joining
  • once someone has started the game with the !start command you type: /msg wolfbot join
    a message that you have joined the game will be shown in the channel as a confirmation.
    once the 60 second joining period has ended you will get your role shown to you and
    your mission is as your role. You have to rejoin each time a game starts.

  • Help! I can't talk! (you need a +v to talk in this channel)
  • This means a game is already in progress and you will have to wait until that game is over
    once the game is over, and someone typed !start again, type /msg wolfbot join , and you
    will be added to the players.

  • Playing
  • The games main purpose is to kill all the wolf players, unless you're a wolf yourself!
    if you are a wolf its your purpose to kill all the villagers until the number of wolves
    equals or is more than the number of villagers
    Once there are 8 or more players, 2 wolves will play and you get shown your fellow wolf.

  • The Roles
  • Villager: your mission is to destroy all the wolves in the game by voting for who you think
    not to be trust-able, your vote can be based on how the person acts.
    Seer: your mission is also to destroy all wolves, but you have gotten a special gift!
    you have the power to see someone's real identity at night... use this gift
    in favour of the villagers, but if the wolves smell you are the seer, you're
    as good as dead.
    Wolf: your purpose is to destroy all villagers and the seer untill your number equals
    or outnumbers the number of villagers. You can eat a villager each night but when
    it's day make sure you wont get caught by the villagers.

  • The commands
  • Joining: /msg wolfbot join (to join the game once someone has started)
    Voting: /msg wolfbot vote "nickname" (voting someone to be lynched, YES Wolves and Seers can vote too)
    Seeing: /msg wolfbot see "nickname" (to see someones real identity, only at night, only for the seer)
    Killing: /msg wolfbot kill "nickname" (to kill someone, only at night, werewolves only)
    Checking Who's Alive: /msg wolfbot alive (to check what players still live and who doesn't live anymore)

  • The Rules
  • - Do not copy what the wolfbot says!
    - Do not vote for yourself at the lynch vote
    - Spamming wolfgame in other rooms will result in a ban from the game.
    - Seers are not to paste hints in open room!

Anyone breaking the rules will be punished!

Thanks for Playing!