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Using SSL

Posted by William

How to enable SSL on your mIRC client.
(NOTICE: This will require a restart of your pc)

1.) Go to,
download the installer file - Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8 (latest at the time of this update)
2.) Disconnect from the internet
3.) Close any running applications
4.) Double click on Win32 OpenSSL program. The installer will find the required .dll files and compile & install them.
5.) Reboot your computer.

Once rebooted, run mIRC again.
While in the Status Window of mIRC, type: //echo $sslready
If it says true, simply type: /server +5559

If it says false, please contact us in #help for further information!

How to enable SSL on your klient irc client.

1.) Download kSSL here.
2.) Once the script is added to klient, type this: /ssl then /ssl_port 5559
3.) Connect to 5559

How to enable SSL on your BitchX irc client.

Download bitchx-ssl here.
We do not provide support on how to use bitchx-ssl since we do not use it, sorry.

How to use SSL with other clients is coming soon!
If you'd like to submit your client with ssl instructions, please email webmaster @ (but without spaces)