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Posted by William

Listed here are the current staff members & operators of the WikkedWire IRC Network. You can expect that each and every member of our staff to be skilled in our IRC software and Services, as well as our Java Chat. Strict policy is adhered to and we take our staff behavior very seriously.

*** Staff profiles are in the works, Click a staff member's nickname to see their profile =)
If a staff member does not have a profile, kindly remind them to sign up on here *cough*TL514*cough* and tell William :)

Sorry, at this time we feel we have the sufficient amount of staff members that we need. When we have an opening available, it will be posted here. Please check back at a later date.

We currently base our staff levels based on seniority, knowledge, friendliness, and helpfulness. Each staff member works his/her way up from Helper Trainee to Network Administrator.

Network Administrators:

Network Administrators oversee all staff members, from fellow Net-Admins to Trainees. They maintain and pay for the servers and resolve network issues.

Server Administrators (formerly Co-Admins):

Server Administrators are in charge of IRCops and other staff members. They watch local servers, ban trouble makers, and report back to Net-Admin on network issues.

IRC Operators:

IRC Operators are in charge of watching over helpers & trainees, solving user issues including banning trouble makers, and reporting severe network issues to higher administrators.

Network Helpers:

Network helpers are the core assistance of our network. Their duties involve answering user questions and reflecting a positive image for our network.

Honorary Helpers:

Honorary Helpers are people who have contributed to the growth of our network. They are loyal chatters who bring positivity to our community.

  • Logan

WikkedWire is an equal-opportunity volunteer network. We do not discriminate.
All opportunities are strictly volunteer, no cash paid for services rendered. For more information see #help.