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Posted by William

Listed here are all of our online documents. Please take a few minutes to read them over.

Child Safety - One of our main concerns is the safety of children who use our chat service.
Public Classes - Any upcoming public classes will be listed here. Also any past classes will be posted.
Using SSL - How to enable SSL and connect securely to our network.
Clone Limits - How many clones you may connect to our network.
Helper Program - How to become a staff member on our network.

Posted by William

How to enable SSL on your mIRC client.
(NOTICE: This will require a restart of your pc)

1.) Go to,
download the installer file - Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8 (latest at the time of this update)
2.) Disconnect from the internet
3.) Close any running applications
4.) Double click on Win32 OpenSSL program. The installer will find the required .dll files and compile & install them.
5.) Reboot your computer.

Once rebooted, run mIRC again.
While in the Status Window of mIRC, type: //echo $sslready